Current Cards

The Emperor

The Card for this astrology month is The Emperor and shows Mars in Aries. It is the first card of the zodiac and the first card of Spring. This is the month to set out plans for your lifes goals for the 12 months ahead and is also a time to spring clean all the areas in your life that are holding you back or keeping you from achieving your desires. The card is a very productive card and is about wanting to get things done in a relatively direct, educated and hassle free way. It would be a good time to approach more difficult situations in your general life areas, this card brings courage through both Mars and Aries, allowing you to express yourself more positively, clearly and with confidence. Concerning relationships, this is a month for excitement and pushing the boundaries, both Aries and Mars are the element Fire, passion should be overflowing at this time. For new relationships be careful not to overdo first dates, both Aries and Mars dont know when to stop sometimes and this can be a little overpowering. This is not necessarily a good time to settle ongoing arguments or heated situations as energies could become quite explosive, leading to further disagreements and frustrations

The Last Card of Pieces

The last card of Pieces is the 10 of Cups. This card represents the last 10 days of Pieces. This card is generally a really positive card and brings good fortune, it often seals success and happiness in the family and general areas of your life. Although it probably isn't a good time to start a new project it is a great time to seal and tie up areas of life that you have been working on, also people within your life should bring you pleasure and a good sense of peace at this time. If a new relationship, friendship or partnership is on the horizon, now would be a good time to go for it. As a caution, this period could bring about frustrations surrounding the areas of love and relationships and teaches us to be patient with our loved ones in order to better understand them. Mars is present in this card so therefore if we are not patient or are too demanding things can lead to argumentative states or heavier frustrations. Mars is the element Fire, the 10 of cups is Water, Fire and Water do not necessarily work well together, especially in relationships.The next cards begin the cycle of Aries around the 22nd of March. If you would like a more detailed Tarot reading, please contact me.

The Second Card of Pieces

The second card of pieces is the 9 of Cups. We are now approaching the mid way point of the sign and things should feel relatively smooth and balanced as Saturn becomes more distant. Over the next ten days Jupiter is present in Pieces and with it brings a little bit of luck and a more vibrant and positive energy. During this period you should feel love for yourself and feel satisfied, you should also feel happy and pleased for all of your successes. This is also a time to feel fulfilled in love, relationships and friendships. The 9 of Cups is a very positive card but the Moon rules Pieces, it tells us that we must remain balanced and vigilant through this period, not to celebrate false successes or relationships and not get too caught up in the moment of things. The third card of Pieces begins to show around the 13th of March where things can become a little frustrating or inconsistent. If you would like a more detailed Tarot reading, please contact me.

The First Card of Pieces

The first card in Pieces is the 8 of Cups. The card of Indolence. For the next ten days Saturn shows in Pieces, this can lead to disinterest in life situations as well as the emotional aspects of your life. If you are working on a project, be sure that you will reap the benefits, it is quite possible you'll complete your task without much benefit or be lead to a false outcome, this is Saturn and the Moon working together. If you feel you should be seeking other things, or chasing wealth and money, it might be best to wait until this card moves on. The second card of Pieces begins to show around the 2nd of March where things can become more settled. If you would like a more detailed Tarot reading, please contact me.

The Hermit

The card for this month shows the Moon in Pieces. This is a month to be careful and to remain focussed on the issues at hand. Be careful who you trust or take advice from this coming month as the Moon has a habit of hiding some truth or hiding some deceit of a situation. Concerning love or relationships, the Moon can be somewhat vague, its probably not a good time to table the more serious side of relationship issues as the Moon could water this down and leave you feeling more worn out trying to get to the bottom of things rather than assisting you. As the Moon moves through Pieces things will become more clearer and the hidden issues will start to surface giving you more confidence and clarity to deal with these situations when approaching Aries, this is towards the end of March. If you would like a more detailed Tarot reading, please contact me.