The Readings

The Readings

Tarot readings can either be a single spread or a number of spreads that form a single reading. Depending on your questions, circumstances or situations tarot spreads can differ, this  enables you to get the most information out of your cards to help you form good positive choices.

Many people have their tarot cards read for many different situations. Tarot can help you to approach or understand many areas of your life. From relationships and the things that come with them, to business and financial decisions, tarot may be able to help you understand and in turn open up new paths in your life.  

Astrology and Numerology

Astrology is an important aspect to Tarot, the two work hand in hand. Your birth sign is represented through the tarot cards and this brings more clarity and depth to your reading .

Numerology is also important in Tarot. Your path numbers bring together your Astrology traits and understanding these can be critical in lifes situations. 

Depending on the reading you require, you may be asked for your name and date of birth prior to your reading, this is to get some background on your astrology and numerology traits to use during your reading.

Additional Services

I also undertake various other spiritual work including spiritual cleansing. Please contact me for more information.