Current Cards

The Second Card of Cancer

The second card of Cancer is the 3 of Cups, it shows Mercury in Cancer. This card leads on well from the previous card and is filled with love and fulfilment. This ten day period is all about having a good time and is full of pleasure and success, especially within family and social circles. This is a great time to spend as much time as possible with loved ones and close friends and family, spending good time hosting dinners and parties as well as eating out and attending social events and gatherings. This is a time to have good fun and with the planet Mercury showing, communication is strong and the conversations and interests between yourself and others will keep on flowing. In relationships, this card brings a very sensual and loving time and continues perfectly from the previous card, this is a perfect time for dates out or a close and loving time spent indoors with a partner. The card is full of kindness, good luck and good fortune, if money and finances are key at present, now would be a good time to work on them, it is also a good time to have a little flutter on the horses or a game on the lottery, that said, the card comes with a warning or two, it wouldn't be wise to gamble big or to indulge too excessively as over indulgence may bring on karma, this will not be good in the long run. The last card of Cancer begins around the 12th of July where things begin to change, it is important to make the most of this extremely positive and fun period. If you would like a more detailed Tarot reading, please contact me.

The First Card of Cancer

The first card of Cancer is the 2 of Cups, it shows Venus in Cancer. This card is filled with love, friendship and pleasure, it is one of the most loving cards in the whole of the Tarot. Venus is the planet of love and offers us support and guidance in working out all relationships whether partnerships or friendships, Venus also helps us build new relationships so if new partnerships are on the horizon now would be a good time to start them. It is a great time to ask potential partners on a first date or in existing relationships to ask your partner on a date night. If marriage proposals are on the cards, this ten day period would be a good time for this proposal, equally if a marriage needs to be worked on, this is also a great time to act allowing us to bring relationships closer together in order to move forward strongly and positively with happiness and success. The card does bring a gentle warning that we should be careful not to over excite ourselves as this can bring forward folly and inconsiderate actions, this can bring forward negative energy which in turn leads to karma. This period should be full of harmony and pleasure and is a great time to enjoy ourselves fully. The next card of Cancer begins around the 2nd of July where the pleasurable times will continue. If you would like a more detailed Tarot reading, please contact me.

The Chariot

The card for this astrology month is The Chariot, it shows the Moon in Cancer. It is the fourth card of the zodiac and the first card of summer. The card brings a period of positivity and along with it a victorious and triumphant time. This is a time to spread light on all our ideas and areas of our lives that we can change for the better as the Chariot will bring forward this and allow us to succeed, no matter how big or small these changes may be. The Chariot will allow us to feel on top of the world and allow us to feel that we are successful in our lifes goals. The card tells us it is important to have hope and faith in ourselves as this brings forward positive energy which in turn allows more success, people around us will pick up on this energy and this will equally allow them to move forward positively too, this brings friendships and bonds closer together. The card shows the Moon and this is a warning to stay obedient and self disciplined when working towards our goals, if we do not then The Chariot can go off course making it harder for us to succeed in areas that generally should be relatively easy to conquer, this can make situations stay stuck which in turn brings on personal frustrations. The period of Cancer brings love and happiness and this may be a good time to work on areas of relationships and friendships, both existing and new. If you would like a more detailed Tarot reading, please contact me.